Wedding Photography in Singapore

With the single goal of capturing real emotions and capturing authentic weddings, we specialise in Pre Wedding photoshoots and Actual Day Wedding Photography Singapore.

PieStudio- Best Wedding Photography in Singapore

You can now have your pre- and post-wedding photography & videography sessions done in our lovely facility. A medium-sized studio for commercial photography and videography, The PieStudio opened its doors for all. The area was constructed with the creative workflow and comfort in mind, allowing for a faultless experience for all of our photography sessions while ensuring privacy & comfort for our couples wedding images.

PieStudio- Best Wedding Photography in Singapore

Pre-Wedding Photography Singapore

PieStudio is here to give you the highest calibre romantic pictures for your special day. We document the important moments leading up to your wedding so that you can look back on them years from now and still experience the excitement. Before your big day, we guarantee to showcase the deep love between you two and bring out the best in you as a couple. Pick the location of your dreams, whether it's where you first met or where your love blossomed. We are also open to considering a variety of pre-wedding concepts. You might choose for a conventional atmosphere, a glamorous vibe, or even a laid-back one. Do not worry if you are still choosing a site since PieStudio being the best wedding photography studio can help you.

Actual Day Wedding Photography

Due to the tight timeline, real-life wedding photography may occasionally become chaotic. However, don't worry since PieStudio is always prepared to meet your wedding photography demands. Our team of skilled wedding photographers is dedicated to capturing these spontaneous and priceless moments so you can look back on them once you receive the images. For us, getting the perfect shot is essential to everything we do at PieStudio- Singapore wedding photographers.

ROM Photography By PieStudio- Best Wedding Photographers in Singapore

In addition to pre-wedding and wedding day photos, ROM photography is as significant. No matter where you are on your big day, beautiful and significant moments are being captured. Also, entering the ROM is the first step that every couple envisions taking. The ROM office itself or an outdoor location of the couple's choice are both acceptable places to have the ceremony. Regardless of how brief the ceremony may be, it still marks a significant turning point in your life. The photoshoot includes everything from close-ups to natural poses of you and your special guests.


Get a Shoot of Wedding Proposals - PieStudio

A sudden marriage proposal is arguably the most romantic scenario. We will remember this moment for the rest of our lives because of the love, joy, and sheer intensity of feeling. At PieStudio, we understand what it takes to capture that moment and what it means to do so. To create keepsakes that will evoke those joyful sentiments of enthusiasm for countless years to come, our skilled, professional photographers will be prepared to catch every crucial aspect of the priceless reaction.

Wedding Videography Singapore- PieStudio

With our wedding videography services, you can capture every memorable moment. Actual-day wedding videography catches every tiny face emotion made by you and your wedding guests, in contrast to wedding photos that show motionless images of your love story. With an actual day wedding film, you may personally relive the significant moments of your wedding day, such as the bridesmaids' excitement, the groom's apprehensive yet excited smile as he fetches his bride, and your parents' happy tears. You will be able to witness the unadulterated feelings that you might have missed out on amid the commotion. But there's more to wedding videography than that. Our team of experienced wedding videographers can expertly weave each moment into a story that is specifically yours.

Why Choose PieStudio for Wedding Photo Singapore?

Make a personalised love tale wedding album featuring you and your significant other as the main characters.

On the day of your wedding, record the joy and feelings as your loved ones gather to celebrate your union with your spouse.

Your wedding photos will be taken by professional photographers to ensure that they say more than a thousand words.

Provides facility for outdoor & indoor wedding photoshoot Singapore.

Ensure that each wedding photographs in your wedding album showcase your distinctive sense of style and innovative concepts.

Explore Our Wedding Photography

With our team of photographers with years of experience under their belts, you can be sure that your big day is in good hands.


Explore Our Wedding Videography

Immortalise your special day with photos and videos. Your wedding ceremony and dinner may only last for a couple of hours, but your memories of this special day can be saved in form of photos and videos that you can revisit, from time to come.




In the United States, wedding photographer costs typically fall between $1,150 and $3,000, with the average price lying around $2,000.


Pre-shoots are quick picture shoots with your wedding photographer that takes place three to six months prior to the big day. The primary goals of the pre-shoot are to become comfortable in front of the camera, develop a relationship with the photographer, and receive a wonderful collection of romantic pictures well in advance of your wedding.


The most crucial thing is to locate a photographer whose mission is to create gorgeous photographs and make sure that you feel fantastic while they are being taken. A stunning photograph can certainly add to the specialness of that moment.

The typical hourly price ranges from $100 to $250. This $250 price tag covers a number of expenses, including gear, supplies, insurance, travel, and others.

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