The brainchild of individuals who share the same passion in photography and videography, PieStudio was brought to life with the dream to create memories that clients can enjoy now and the years to come.

With the combined experience of the founders, any event or special occasion can be documented and be immortalised into beautiful pieces of photo or video.

After only nearly a year since our inception, PieStudio has already created a huge portfolio comprising of a wide array of different photo and video sessions – from profile shots and family portraits, to corporate photos and videos, product and food styling shots, solemnisation and wedding coverage, the kinds of projects our team has taken up is continuously growing.

PieStudio aims to document more special occasions and corporate events, giving their clients an avenue to relive moments through photos and videos.


Let us show you the magic!

Now that your eyes are open, make the sun jealous with your burning passion to start the day. Make the sun jealous or stay in bed

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From portraits to product photography, our photographers possess the technical flair and deep emotional intelligence needed to tease out rich and complex stories using only a single frame. 


Portraiture | Product Photography | Corporate Shoots | Wedding Photography

Youtube. Facebook. IGTV. 

The list goes on. We are the one-stop solution for the top-notch talents you need to craft the video you desire. 


Wedding Videography | Corporate Videos | Advertising  

Precise attention to detail, fine-grain accuracy, compelling creativity, and a lot of heart - the perfect recipe for building a world out of vectors and layers. With a team of artists possessing all traits, we hold the answer to all your design needs.


Advertising | Print out Collaterals


At our in-house studio, we bring you comfort and creativity. Capture special moments with your friends and family or create that needed engagement with your clients through photos and videos.



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Happy Memories



With Us


Photography and Videography sessions for all and every occasion. Check out our previous works!


Special moments with your better half, funny moments with your family, even your first time to wear a suit all deserve to be relived with beautifully-captured photos.

Capture images of you and your team that will convey the message about your company, it’s culture, and the beauty of the products and services that you provide.

With our team of photographers with years of experience under their belts, you can be sure that your big day is in good hands.

Let your products speak for itself! Create enticing still images for the food and  products you provide, and convey messages to your customers with the use of  nothing but meticulously-styled pictures!


Check out our photography and videography portfolio which ranges from corporate to intimate wedding.


Immortalise your special day with photos and videos.
Your wedding ceremony and dinner may only last for a couple of hours, but your memories of this special day can be saved in form of photos and videos that you can revisit, from time to come.

Every company milestone is to be celebrated, and what better way to document it but through videos. Film your wins, may it be big or small, and let it boost your team’s morale and create that drive for each member to push for even greater achievements!

Let comfort, style, and convenience resonate through beautifully-captured videos of the properties you offer.

From industrial, to office, to residential spaces, let photos and
videos encapsulate all the exquisite features of your properties and allow our lenses to connect you to the right clients.

Highlight the features of your product, put the spotlight on your brand, showcase why your existing customers love coming back - all these and more with professionally-filmed and edited corporate and advertising videos!


We pride ourselves in the kind of service we provide partnered with the output we deliver. Our commitment to give only the best experience has paved way for us to work with some of the best clients in Singapore!


What our clients enjoy about our photo and video sessions is that they are always fun and comfortable. Looking for a team to document your special moments or your next big event? Drop us a message!

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